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  • What Is It?

    What Is It?

    CADstrata is a cloud-connected application targeting the Construction and Building Design Industry.

    CADstrata works tightly with AutoCAD and verticals, MS Office and the Adobe Suite, to bring you the ultimate automation software to organize and standardize the project design and team collaboration workflow.

    CADstrata is crafted by architects for architects and building designers.

  • How?


      Start with ...
    • Creating a new project & assign a Layer, Naming & Style Standard to it
    • Assigning a team & connect the consultants
    • Automating the Project’s folder structure & the new drawings & documents naming & storage
    • Automating & manage drawing layers
    • Automating & manage drawing styles: elements, dimensions, hatches, text, annotations & model blocks & their annotation scaling
    • Automating & manage Title Blocks , sheets, layouts & views
    • Saving all your project files locally and/or sync with built-in or 3rd party cloud storage for a better collaboration experience
    And end with…
    printing, sharing, submitting, archiving, viewing on mobile devices and building it !

  • Why Should I Join?

    Why Should I Join?

    • Create your Company on the Cloud and smoothly collaborate with internal and external teams
    • Enforce, unify, centralize and manage your Company's drawing standards and settings, and make it available anywhere, anytime
    • Easily create, organize, find and share 100s of project's files
    • Achieve projects with better consistency, accuracy and quality through automation
    • Save time managing project information, focus on design and reduce costs.