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CADstrata is the SaaS incarnation of a custom solution developed gradually since 2003 by Architect Moussa Baradhy to cover the automation & management needs for a multi-national team of architects collaborating on large & challenging architecture projects.
Over the years, the solution evolved into a full platform with comprehensive tools to organize & manage the Building Design Lifecycle.
As a passionate & semi-professional hobbyist of software development, he used his skills to create individual automation modules to solve a long list of practical automation issues encountered during the design process & not solved by the traditional solutions. The modules were later released out of a single product which was sold to a number of major architecture firms.
The original incarnation of this solution was available as an enterprise licensed product, but it had a high-touch sales & support scheme & of limited scalability; presence of a technical team during each implementation & later to provide support for the central database & server product.
The CADstrata project was born in 2010 out of the collaboration between Architect Moussa Baradhy & Element^N to transform his system into a Software as a Service Cloud product.

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