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  • CADstrata is a lightweight standalone Windows application. It can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8, in 32bit & 64bit. It comes in English & French
  • CADstrata has a Web Application to manage companies, projects, team members, assets, and access & share project files on the cloud
  • CADstrata doesn’t need any server machine, just download the application, create a company account on the cloud, invite team members & start collaborating
  • CADstrata connects to the newest AutoCAD 2015 version & all the way down to 2008 in 32bit & 64bit
  • CADstrata connects to MS Office & Adobe Suite for more document management features
  • CADstrata has a built-in Cloud Drive, and can connect seamlessly to DropBox, Box, Google Drive, MS OneDrive & Autodesk 360 drive
  • CADstrata comes with preinstalled US National CAD Standard (NCS) compatible settings, and is highly customizable to meet your Company's standards & settings

1- CADstrata Project Center

1- CADstrata Project Center

  • Create , edit and remove projects
  • Fill in the project info section, this will be used to automatically fill the Title Block
  • Select a Layer Standard, a Naming Standard and a Style Standard for each project
  • Select the project's Drawing Unit, this will used for all scaling automation
  • Assign internal team members to access each project
  • Assign external team members, or consultants, these will show up in the Title Blocks if you choose to
2- CADstrata Contacts Manager

2- CADstrata Contacts Manager

  • Your Company's business contacts on the cloud
  • Group business contacts by trade/activity type
  • Search engine
  • create new contacts or import from Outlook contacts
  • Assign a Logo image or a drawing block to each company
  • Map contacts information to automatically fill the Title Blocks consultants area
3- CADstrata File Navigator

3- CADstrata File Navigator

  • Create, Open and Save drawings and other documents from one interface
  • Manage AutoCAD drawings as well as MS Office and Adobe documents
  • Easily Compose file code and file name from the File Naming Standard lists in the UI
  • Auto create corresponding folder and store the file where it should be
  • Create drawings, schedules and other documents using pre-assigned templates
  • Upload your files to CADstrata cloud drive, and keep the same folder hierarchy on CADstrata's website, synced and available anywhere, anytime
  • Lock files on the cloud to prevent modification, update and unlock yours
  • Color coded files list to quickly view what is synced, what needs to be uploaded or downloaded, and what is locked and by whom
  • Easily create Sharing Sets form the Cloud files and keep them synced with your local ones. Be sure that your consultants will always have access to the latest revisions
  • Use the classical way of sharing files, using USB, email of ftp, keep track and record of each operation, who send it to whom
  • Bring incoming files to your system, rename and store them where they should be
4-  CADstrata Layouts

4- CADstrata Layouts

  • Show existing drawing layouts in a list form
  • Quickly switch to a layout, preview, plot or setup
  • Select predefined layout size, and predefined printer and plotter settings
  • Auto select a matching size Title Block and orientation
  • One click button to create layout and insert the Title Block
  • Auto fill the Title Block project's information
  • Instant replace existing Layouts and Title Blocks with other sizes and transfer the filled information.
  • Easily create, manage, set and change viewport scale
  • Easily define annotative objects scaling
  • Handle Title Block position relative to margins
5- CADstrata Title Blocks

5- CADstrata Title Blocks

  • Fill or update a Title Block with one click, almost no manual info typing needed
  • Auto generate Sheet Number only by selecting from the lists in the UI, avoid errors
  • Select predefined Sheet Title and Subtitle text, or enter your own on the UI
  • Select the revision number, revision dates, drawn by, verified by and approved by from the UI
  • Select the sheet scale, this will auto select the corresponding Plot Style to use too
  • Auto Fill and reorder the consultants info on the Title Block
  • Add custom consultants logos with ease
  • Resize and fit attribute text values with a dedicated UI
  • Quickly add revision and issue tags based on what you selected in the UI
6- CADstrata Layers

6- CADstrata Layers

  • Complete Layer Management System
  • Predefined layers and properties, grouped by disciplines and trades
  • Select and add the layers you need in 1 click
  • Compose a missing layer name based on the current layer naming standard, set its properties, insert it and notify the CAD administrator to add it to the predefined list
  • Search all predefined layers by key word to find the most suitable layer to use
  • Manage existing layer names and convert to the current layer standard
  • Select on screen the objects to change to the current layer standard
  • Auto layer name mapper keeps track of your changes, will guide you on converting additional drawings accordingly
  • Batch add prefix and suffix to existing layers
  • Manage layers inside blocks without exploding and redefining the block
  • Easily select group of layers for further coloring and visibility editing.
7- CADstrata Blocks

7- CADstrata Blocks

  • Centralized Block library manager
  • Block types grouping, listing and previewing
  • Auto add corresponding layers
  • Auto scale inserted blocks and annotations to match drawing scale and drawing units
  • Quickly Insert new blocks or replace existing ones
  • Force Horizontal Annotations regardless of the used UCS
  • Powerful Block finder, Counter, and attribute extractor to Excel tables
  • New, Existing, To demolish, layer status changer
8- CADstrata Hatch

8- CADstrata Hatch

  • Pick from predefined hatch types, auto apply all settings and parameters
  • Auto add corresponding layers
  • Auto scale inserted hatches to match drawing scale and drawing units
  • Convert existing hatches to match predefined ones
  • Grouping by predefined hatch categories for better browsing
  • All AutoCAD hatch parameters available on the same UI, and editable
  • New, Existing, To demolish, layer status changer
9- CADstrata Dimensions

9- CADstrata Dimensions

  • Pick from predefined Dim types, auto apply all settings and parameters
  • Auto add corresponding layers
  • Auto scale inserted dimensions to match drawing scale and drawing units
  • Convert existing dimensions to match predefined ones
  • Quick Access to AutoCAD's dimension commands
  • Instant dimension unit calculation and display (metric)
  • New, Existing, To demolish, layer status changer
10- CADstrata Text

10- CADstrata Text

  • Pick from predefined Text types, auto apply all settings and parameters
  • In UI text editor
  • Auto add corresponding layers
  • Auto scale inserted text to match drawing scale and drawing units
  • Convert existing text to match predefined ones
  • Quick Text formatting, and several text frame creator
  • Insert text, as plain, Block, or Block with Attributes (automatically generated)
  • New, Existing, To demolish, layer status changer
11- CADstrata Elements

11- CADstrata Elements

  • Predefined Element types
  • Auto add corresponding layers
  • Quick access to common AutoCAD creation tools
  • Update existing objects to match predefined elements
  • Custom and centralized LISP library viewer and launcher
  • New, Existing, To demolish, layer status changer